Smart Homes

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“The Helpful Home” was created to bring all the devices in your home together in an intuitive way.  Connected technologies make life better, but can be difficult to use. “The Helpful Home” bridges the gap between you and your technology.  We make sure that your tech provides you with convenience, safety, security, comfort, and modern entertainment.  Keep your home up to date with the best technologies and services.

“The Helpful Home” offers home automation, smart home design, and installation, intelligent lighting control, smart home temperature control, home theater, outdoor entertainment, multi-room audio, and video, security and safety options, Hi-Res audio, and video, pre-wire, and even comfort and efficiency solutions.

Why Choose A Smart Home?

“The Helpful Home” offers home automation, smart home design, and installation.  With intelligent lighting control, temperature control, home theater, outdoor entertainment, and Hi-Res, multi-room audio and video, your home provides the perfect mesh of convenience and entertainment.  Safety and security options will keep your home free of worry.  Don’t have the money for it all yet?  We can pre-wire your house for anything you’ll want in the future!

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Security and Surveillance

Its super common for burglars to check doors if it looks like nobody’s home.  Packages left on the porch get stolen all the time.  With wireless technology, even simple cameras can be hacked remotely and turned off.  Without proper security, your smart home is vulnerable.

When you get your system installed by us, you don’t have to worry.  We provide peace of mind by advising and configuring a security system and smart home integrations that works for you and keeps out unwanted intruders – whether physical or digital!  Sleep easy knowing your home is secure!


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