How a Smart Home Can Save Money in Cache Valley

by May 19, 2020tech upgrades

Amazon echo: a hub for smart home technology that can save moneyEveryone wants to save money, even here in Cache Valley. Putting money away for a rainy day is just a smart idea. You’d be surprised how many small ways there are to save some money here and there. It all adds up. If you’ve got a smart home, there are even more options. Let’s take a look at what they are.

5 Ways a Smart Home Can Save Money

1. Save Money on Lights

One of the most basic hook-ups for a smart home is light controls. With a smart home, you can use your phone to turn your lights on and off without going to the switches. With the right lighting set up, you can also control the brightness, dimming the lights to suit the mood. Now, I don’t know about you, but whenever my family goes out somewhere – to eat, to the movies, or anywhere – somebody always forgets to turn a light off in the house. With a smart home hook up, you don’t have to go back in after you lock up. Just pull up your phone and check. If a light is on, you can turn it off. This will save you money on electricity and might even help make your light bulbs last longer.

2. Temperature Control

smart home thermostatHere in Cache Valley, we get some pretty extreme weather. In the middle of summer, temperatures rise above 100 degrees, while in the winter it can drop below 0. Thanks to the marvelous inventions of air conditioning and heating, we can keep our houses nice and cozy, no matter what the weather’s like outside. The problem is, these machines use a lot of power. It makes them expensive to run.

With a smart home set up, though, you can save money by not needing it to run constantly. If you’re going to leave your house for a few hours, you can turn your heater or air conditioner off to save money. When you’re about to come home, you can pick up your phone and turn it back on. That way, you can get your home nice and comfortable for when you get back without needing it to run the whole time you’re gone.

Like the lights, you can also turn it off from your phone. If you forget to turn it off, you don’t have to go back. If you’re not sure, your phone can also check for you. Never worry about leaving things on again!

3. Save Money on Car Repairs

Smart technology can do more than just your home. You can connect it to your car as well. How can this save money? Well, one of the most expensive things about a car is paying repair bills. The best way to save money on car repairs is to catch a problem before it actually causes your car to break down. If you catch it early enough, a fix is usually as simple as replacing a single part, but if you let it go, the break down of one part will affect others.

Regular inspections can increase your chance of finding problems early, but what if you could know the instant your car detects a problem? You can set up smart tech to monitor your car for problems and send alerts the moment your car’s systems find a problem. Check engine light comes on? Your phone buzzes. Oil running low? Buzz. If your car can detect it, it can send an alert to your phone. You’ll know as soon as something goes wrong and can get it fixed before it causes other problems. This can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

4. Don’t Burn The House Down

house fireHave you ever had a moment where you’re not sure if you remembered to turn the oven off? Yeah, it happens to all of us. With smart home technology, you can check your oven from the phone. Look up the app and make sure it’s off. If it is on, turn it off with the press of a button. You’ll never have to worry about it again!

5. Don’t Waste Water

Smart home tech can also integrate with your water systems. Showers, faucets, sprinkler systems, you can hook it all up. Here in Cache Valley, water usage can become really expensive in the summer. In the hottest months, the billing rates on water can double if you go over a certain amount. How many times have you see sprinklers running while it rains? That’s a waste.

With a smart home setup, you can turn it off from your phone. You won’t even have to go out in the rain to turn the valves! And if you go on vacation, you can check your phone to see if the sprinklers are running. If the weather report says it’s raining, you can switch it off no matter where you are. Do your kids leave the faucet running all the time? You can check that, too, and turn it off. This can add up to some serious savings.

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There are plenty more ways that a smart home can save you lots of money. If you want to know more, feel free to get in touch with us for a free consultation. We’ll help you figure out the best smart home setups to save you money. If you want to upgrade your home for smart technology, we can do that, too! Call us today and see what we can do for you!