Home Cinema

Rapture Audio is a unique, specialist Home Theatre company working to deliver industry reference cinema projects. We capture the exciting cinema experience, blending state-of-the-art technology with inspired design to create a seamless and high-performance environment.

From design concepts to material selections, AV equipment specification to lighting design, custom themes to calibration, working to create the very best home theatre your budget can buy.

Creating the Best Home
Cinema Experience

Creating a brilliant Home Theatre involves the right selection of products, careful installation, the correct placement and balancing of each component, acoustic calibration and testing to create a true big-screen surround sound experience that really excites. We can also provide staged seating and discreetly hide audio components into walls and joinery.

All rooms distort the original sound recording. By custom engineering your space, we have the ability to transform a hostile acoustic environment into a Hollywood producer’s screening room. As a design company, we pride ourselves on designing custom projects that ensure acoustic treatments and equipment are heard but never seen.


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