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Home Theater Room Design

When it comes to home theater layout, the secret is location, location, location. When planning your home theater, we will position your speakers, screen, and subwoofers for optimum performance.

The Generic Approach

Failing to consider seat, speaker, screen, and sub placement can lead to real problems and the ruin the performance of your home theater:

  • Neck ache from a screen placed too high
  • Lack of immersion from a screen that’s too small
  • Poor surround sound experience due to speakers in the wrong places
  • Different bass levels in every seat, some with too much, others not enough
  • Varying high frequencies across the seating area, because of speakers with narrow dispersion

Professional Home Theater
Design Consultation

Rapture Audio’s Home Theater room design consultation service optimizes the placement of the speakers, seats, and screen.

The process starts with a thorough evaluation of how you plan to use the room. We take your requirements and overlay them with industry best practices from CEDIA, Dolby, THX, and our years of experience to design the perfect theater for you. Our approach incorporates analysis across all aspects of theater layout:

  • Room Dimensions
  • Seat Placement
  • Speaker Placement & Coverage
  • Lateral & Horizontal Viewing Angle
  • Entry & Access Requirements

Home Theater Layout
Service Benefits

  • Screen size and Placement yields comfortable and immersive vertical and lateral viewing angles that meet industry standards, yet are tailored to personal preferences.
  • All seats have unobstructed views
  • A perfect combination of seating styles (theater, couch, bar) for your room and needs
  • Speaker layout meets industry standards
  • Speakers provide consistent high-frequency coverage across all seats


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