Custom Sound

Acoustic Treatment
Optimized for Your Speakers

At the seating position, most of what you hear is reflected sound, created by off-axis radiation from the speaker bouncing off one or more surfaces in the room. Simple rules, such as placing absorbers at all reflections points, are not true high-performance solutions, and typically result in an overly dead, rolled-off sound lacking immersion.

Rapture Audio’s approach to Acoustic Design explicitly considers the psychoacoustic effect of reflections. 

We use speaker off-axis measurements to compare amplitude and the spectral relationship of direct and reflected sounds. The result is an uncolored, spacious sound that stretches beyond the walls of your home theater.

Speakers That Perform at Reference SPL’s

Many users choose speakers based on reviews or looks. To match the experience of commercial cinemas, speakers need to cleanly reproduce THX specification sound pressure levels. Few driver technologies have the power handling for this. The consequences for your home theater include poor dynamics and drive unit failure.

At Rapture Audio, we understand the need for cinema-quality sound. When we consider speakers in our Audio 

Design process, we take into account seating distances and audience coverage and choose speakers that reproduce THX specification peaks of 105dB with low distortion audiophile sound quality. We only select speakers that can provide an impactful and enveloping home cinema sonic experience.

Seat-to-Seat Bass

Every room has natural resonant frequencies causing peaks and dips in the frequency response. Most hobbyists layout seats without considering these room modes, adding subwoofers where they fit. This virtually guarantees bass issues – some seats have suckouts whilst others suffer from boomy, one-note bass.

Rapture Audio creates smooth, tight bass in your home theater using our Low-Frequency Optimization service.

We determine the frequency, severity, and spatial distribution of room modes through high-resolution acoustic measurements and modeling. Then we solve the problems with optimization of seat/subwoofer placement, multi-sub arrays, custom-designed bass traps, and signal processing.

Our most popular product is the infinite baffle. This completely custom way of integrating subs uses adjoining spaces to get bulky subwoofers out of your room, providing the air space the subs need to produce plentiful high-quality bass.

Our in-house CEDIA certified audio engineer works hard to make every seat the best-in-the-house. Taking airspace parameters determined with the architect we design low-frequency response systems using custom-ordered dual-opposing drivers to cancel out mechanical vibrations. We manufacture the manifolds and enclosures in-house with extensive bracing at uneven intervals to eliminate resonances and box coloration. Proper implementation is then ensured on-site with the contractor.

What results is a bass system that is balanced and smooth through all frequencies at all seating locations. You’ll enjoy bass that can reproduce anything from the most subtle nuance of the Double-String Bass, plumb the depths of the deepest organ notes, to rock concerts placing you in the center of the action.


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