Rapture Audio designs and installs technology for homes and businesses. Our high-quality entertainment and technology solutions are bespoke to every project, meeting the needs of our clients both now and in the future.

We are an active member of and certified by CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association).

Why Choose Us?

We invest a lot of resources in developing our team expertise. Employees attend regular in-depth training courses on the design, installation, and function of cutting edge-technology. This ensures we are always at the top of our field, consistently delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Rapture Audio is dedicated to customer satisfaction.  Having an active project in your home can be stressful. We arrive prepared and on time for every commitment. We expect the very highest level of professionalism from ourselves and our contractors. We shoulder the burden so you can sit back and enjoy the transformation of your space.

Our Services

Design Consultation

Our team are experts at designing for comfort and convenience, whether it’s home theater systems, or smart home automation.  We’ll help you get the perfect home!

Custom Sound

Sound is a major part of a good theater experience.  If you want to get the best quality, you’ve got to customize your sound system or your room.  We can help you do that!

HD Television

If you want a quality home theater experience, why settle for less than the very best in high definition screens?  Get a crisp, clear picture every time!

Lighting Design

The key to the perfect theater experience is immersion.  you can’t get immersed in the movie if poor lighting keeps reminding you that you’re staring at a screen.  We’ll get your lighting perfect for you!

Finishing Touches

Everybody always looks at the big things, but really perfecting your home is in getting the finishing touches right.

The Helpful Home

The “Helpful Home” brings all of the elements together.  Smart technology will link all of your devices together to make your live convenient and satisfying!


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